Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bugs of Class – Jumpin’ June Bug Swap

Well, if you’re reading this post and looking for the “Bugs of Class” game, you’re at the right spot.  Quick review of the instructions – Here are ten pictures of common insects. Match the number of the picture with the correct classification below all the pictures.  Send your answers to me in a PM on the board. As a bonus, read the question at the end. 










A. Member of the Family Coccinellidae
B. Member of the Order Lepidoptera
C. Apis mellifera
D. Gryllus assimilis
E. Member of the Order Odonata, suborder Anisoptera
F. Periplaneta americana
G. Belongs to the single largest Order of Insects
H. Musca domestica
I. Gerris remigis
J. Member of the Class Chilopoda

BONUS!! Out  of these 10 insects, 5 of them go through Complete Metamorphosis – meaning the “babies” look nothing like the adults. Name these 5. (Just need the numbers under the pictures!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twilight Swap - Mini Album

Another first for me in this twilight swap was making a mini - and it's also one of my favorites! I made this out of cereal box cardboard. It is 4X4 in size. Both my partner and I are Team Jacob - so I found some Jacob quotes and used pics of him and Bella only. This was a lot of fun to make - and we even used a few of the same pics in the mini's we sent to each other!!!!

                                         This is a close-up of my favorite page :)

Twilight Swap - Matchbox

Well, I can now share my first altered matchbox! This was done for the 15 days of twilight shoebox swap on the CMB. I posted a sneak peek of the charm - here is the whole project! For one of the  days we were to alter a matchbox, and then put inside: 2 stickpins, 2 flowers, and a charm. I had multiple stickpins so I put 4 in the box. I just learned how to make the lollipop fabric flowers. This is also my first  charm I made. So, this was a project of firsts all around! I had so much fun making this matchbox. I think it may be my favorite thing out of the whole shoebox.