Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall/Halloween vintage box

Ok, so my partner received her box today! I also received mine and LOVE it!!

The box I made for her was from Hobby Lobby. Once I saw the paper mache house box, I knew what I wanted to do - make a haunted house!! So, I painted the box with a metallic black paint. I cut out yellow squares to put behind the windows. Then I cut a few ghosts from the Happy Hauntings cart, and the number 31 (like an address) from the same cart. I believe I attached them to the house using tacky glue. (It's been a little while!) I found some black birds at Michaels, so I hot glued one to the roof. I then added some different Jolee's boutique stickers around the box. I found these awesome orange flowers at HL, so I used them on both sides of the door and made a "welcome" mat out of cardstock and a halloween sticker. I then hot glued some paper shreds around the box to look sort of like old dried up "spooky grass". I also put paper in the inside of the box but forgot to take a pic of that. That way if you looked through the door it wouldn't be just plain.

I also sent her a few items... first up is an altered canvas, we both like the movie Halloween, so I wanted to make her a Halloween based item. All the pictures were printed off my computer and mod podged on a painted, glittered canvas. Then I added a few little black blings and the trim using fabritac.
I also sent her the halloween charm and charm box that lets out a spooky laugh that I just recently posted. We were to include a tag as well, so I remade another one of my halloween dress form tags that I made and posted for the blog hop. Also included a mini, I will post that seperately, and a few bought items. Thanks for looking!

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  1. This is frightenlly fab Amy! I love all the details, and I bet the pictures don't do this project justice!